Welcome to the XCFL

Start your virtual Coaching career in the best damn Madden league around!
We are MORE then just another Franchise. We are MORE then a content based league.
We are a Community and a Family of like minded ballers.
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Welcome to the XCFL

Discussion in 'How to Join The XCFL' started by steelerguy26, May 4, 2016.

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    Start your virtual Coaching career in the best damn Madden league around!

    Welcome to the XCFL, formerly known as the XFA Xbox One Madden leagues in the community.

    The XCFL is not your normal everyday just play your games type of league. We are a content based news and activity league, with all members required to write news articles, post activity updates and stay active by adding updated content often. Members will be required to use and maintain league created team Twitter accounts. (Twitter Account Guidelines)

    Here's what the league will be:

    A 100% sim league. Cheesy owners will not be tolerated.

    A 100% strategy based league.

    A league where you can find owners on at just about any given time.

    A close-knit group of 32 dedicated, active owners with as little a turnover as possible.

    A league that will last for many years to come.

    Here is what this league won't be:

    An arcade, stick jockey league where big-time records are being broken almost weekly and people win with stick skills over strategy.

    Inactive. If you're never on the site or consistently missing games, you won't last long.

    Your average online league. Too much time and effort will be put forth for this league to be anything less than one of the best.

    Member Ranking System

    The XCFL member ranking system should largely eliminate the chances a member will come in, make trades, and leave a team screwed for the next owner. If you want to make moves to have your team how you want it, you must first show your commitment to the league and earn that responsibility.

    (Click here to learn more)

    What GM's can expect from the XCFL:

    A SIM league: We really cannot stress this enough. If you want lobby ball, H2H is a great place for that, not here. Anyone found to be playing cheesy will be out of the league quicker than Jonny Football's career ended.

    Reliable Staff: If we say something is going to be done at a certain time (draft start, offseason advances, etc.), it will be done on time or members will be notified of changes.

    Experience: Our staff has a combined 30 plus years’ experience playing in and running Madden leagues.

    Openness to Member Input: We will always be open to suggestions or ideas from our league members.

    Prompt Advances: We will advance every Wednesday and Saturday nights at 10:00 pm est.

    An Overall Fun, Family-like Experience: Our goal is to make every game fun win or lose. To create a family like community based on activity and sim play, not on win at all cost, me first attitudes. To be in the XCFL you must put the league and other members needs before your own and treat everyone with respect.

    So You Ready to Join?

    I suggest you all take time to read over the Rules, and learn about what it takes to be an XCFL member, make sure you are on board with the Content and Twitter requirements as well.

    There is a ton of new stuff coming to the XCFL and most things can be found by reading over all the post in the forums. So please take the time to do so as it will help you learn what the XCFL is all about.

    Once you have read the rules and learned about the Member Ranking System and you are sure the XCFL is the right league for you then take a minute to join the forums and signup for the Waiting List and a staff member will contact you to discuss within 24 hours.

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