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By Smooth Grizzly on Feb 12, 2018 at 2:51 PM
  1. Smooth Grizzly

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    Oct 5, 2017
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    1. 299-2.gif (10-0)
    Have to respect the 10-0 for the top spot. You could say their division is not the greatest, but they still have big wins over Lions, SF, and Oakland so it does not matter. They lead the league in every major category on defense, except sacks, and I think we all can agree stats are one of the most important defensive stats. Freeman goes down and they keep rolling. They have the 3rd best scoring offense in the league. Is this the year they get it done?

    2. 406.gif ( 7-3)
    They do have 3 losses, but one was a sim. The other 2 losses are to a possible wildcard team in the Cardinals (6-4) and the Ravens by 1 point. Cowboys have all but wrapped up their division with a 5-0 record already completing the sweep of Philly and Wash. This team is the definition of balanced they are top 10 in every major category except for rushing yards (13th) and I think that is mainly due to injuries with Zeke.

    3. 318.gif (9-2)

    I know it does not make sense to be lower than a team you beat, but the XCFL is about what have you done for me lately. Dallas has gone 5-0 since then, Ravens are coming off a loss to the Colts. 2nd in the league in yards and points scored and first in passing yards, this offense has been dynamite since the acquisition of Jarvis Landry (who leads the league in receiving yards). On paper their 32nd ranked pass defense looks like a sign of weakness, I think that if you juxtapose it to the 5th ranked rush defense and high powered offense, it shows that opposing teams have to pass the entire game to try and keep pace with Baltimore.

    4. 994.png (9-2)

    Seahawks should not be a surprise to most, after HC Smith inherited a 2-3 team last season and got them to playoffs in his first season. DangerRuss leads the league in Passer Rating with a 19:5 TD:Int Ratio. The offense is top 5 in points scored and rushing. The defense is 3rd in points allowed. However they have not been too tested up to this point --and with games remaining against Dallas, Arizona, and Philadelphia-- we will soon find out a lot about this team.

    5. 1053.gif (8-3)

    Despite having more losses than the Lions they have a 2 possession victory over them. They are currently atop one of the toughest divisions in the league this year, the AFC South. Marcus Mariota has this offense humming and top 3 in Yards, Passing Yards, and Rushing yards. They are middle of the road with Red Zone Offense at 80% and I believe this is why their high powered offense is 7th in scoring despite top 3 everywhere else. Titans have wins over Jax, Det, and Oak. They have the Texans rematch and play the Ravens in Week 15 and 16.

    6. cwuyv0w15ruuk34j9qnfuoif9.gif (9-2)
    Ole Nicky "L" and his might Lions are on one again. Their only 2 losses are against perennial contenders Tennessee and Atlanta. They have nice wins over Houston and SF and they absolutely demolished the Jaguars. Top 5 in Rush Yards and Yards total, Top 10 in Pass yards, and 1st in scoring this offense is a well oiled machine. Tevin Coleman has a silly 7.7 per and stud rookie WR Dixon Bishop has 10 TDs and is top 5 in the league in receiving. It's surprising their defense stats are down this year, I expect them to clean some things up and go on cruise control here until their Week 17 showdown with Dallas.

    7. im5xz2q9bjbg44xep08bf5czq.gif (6-4)

    Another team listed above someone they lost to. It's about body of work. Triplett is putting on a passing clinic each and every week. He is tied with Cousins with a league leading 27 TDs to 14 Ints. Their defense is hovering around the top 10 area, but it's gone up each week since they added Slay. They lost close ones to Dallas, Tampa, and Philly. They have beat the Ravens and Seahawks. You could honestly put them higher with those wins, but with 4 losses they are sitting tight at 7.

    8. 960.gif (7-3)

    The Eagles have 3 defensive lineman with more than 8 sacks. Jordan Hicks is also tied for 20th in the league with 8 sacks himself. This defense is predicated on getting to the QB. They are top 5 or better in every major category on defense. However, Rodgers is 1 INT shy of leading the league, he currently has 23. They will have to get the run game going and limit the INTS to climb the rankings.

    9. 15988562013.gif (7-4)

    A split with the Titans and a win over the Texans has them very well alive in their division. They have the Houston rematch and a game with Baltimore coming up. Fournette is dominating as usual, and they have brought in Evan Engram as a security blanket who is explosive for Deshone Kizer. The defense is towards the bottom of the league in every category and Kizer has 17 Ints already. This team will go as far as Leonard can take them.

    10. 570.gif (6-4)

    The Texans have a great opportunity ahead. They dropped one to the Jags, but they have the rematch coming up. They have Tennessee ahead too with a game in hand over them. Fowler has 17 TDs 10 Ints, his QBR is up 15 points since last season. Their defense is in the bottom half of the league, as well as their rushing attack. This team's hopes are squarely on Fowler's shoulders.


Discussion in 'Rankings, Predictions and More' started by Smooth Grizzly, Feb 12, 2018.

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