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League Twitter Accounts

Discussion in 'League Twitter Accounts' started by steelerguy26, Apr 29, 2016.

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    Apr 26, 2016
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    XCFL League Twitter Accounts

    All XCFL league members will be required to maintain and update a team league Twitter account. All league Twitter accounts have already been created and the login information will be provided by your league recruiter once you have been accepted to the league.

    Below is a current list of accounts:


    *Louis Riddick - @XCFLLouRiddick - Covering the draft
    *Adam Schefter - @XCFLSchefter - Breaking News
    *Jim Rome - @XCFLJimRome - Quick Takes / Comments on league action
    *Ian Rapoport - @XCFLIanRapoport - Rumors
    *Skip Bayless - @XCFLSkipBayless - Rookies

    Donald Trump - @XCFLPrezPicks
    XCFL Game Day - @xcflgameday
    Hitstick Podcast - @HitstickPodcast
    XCFL Bleacher Report - @XCFLBleacher

    League Accounts:

    XCFL Network - @XCFLNetwork

    Team / Player Accounts:

    Patriots - @XCFL_Pats
    Dolphins - @XCFLDolphins
    Bills - @XCFLBills
    Jets - @XCFLJets

    Steelers - @XCFLSteelers
    Ravens - @XCFL_Ravens
    Browns - @XCFLBrowns
    Bengals - @XCFLBengals

    Colts - @XCFLColts
    Texans - @XCFLTexans
    Jaguars - @XCFLJaguars
    Titans - @XCFLTitans

    Broncos - @XCFLBroncos
    Raiders - @XCFLRaiders
    Chiefs - @XCFLChiefs
    Chargers - @XCFLChargers

    Cowboys - @XCFLCowboys
    Giants - @XCFLGiants
    Eagles - @XCFLEagles
    Redskins - @XCFLRedskins

    Packers - @XCFLPackers
    Vikings - @XCFLVikings
    Lions - @XCFLLions
    Bears - @XCFLBears

    Falcons - @XCFLFalcons
    Saints - @XCFLSaints
    Buccaneers - @XCFLBuccaneers
    Panthers - @XCFLPanthers

    49ers - @XCFL49ers
    Seahawks - @XCFLSeahawks
    Rams - @XCFLRams
    Cardinals - @XCFLCardinals

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