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30 Things We Know About Madden 18

During EA Play 2017 and the Electronic Entertainment Expo, we were blitzed with Madden 18 information. Not everyone has been tracking the information since the release date and...
Madden News
Madden NFL 19 Top 5 Tight Ends
Tight ends have become a mixed bag in the NFL. Historically, TEs have primarily been blockers...
Madden News
Madden NFL 19 Top 5 Defensive Ends
If the O-line is the foundation of an offense, then the defensive line is responsible for bringing that...

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Carolina Panthers

I Hate Cats

I’ve never been a fan of cats and looks like that’s not going to change any time soon. The Carolina Panthers haven’t give anyone...
Tennessee Titans

Titans Struggling

Titans are struggling right now dropping 2 straight games. The Titans can rebound to take the division lead or lock down a wild card...

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