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We are in week 13 and the Arizona Cardinals are not even close to where they wanted to be! The dream of the playoffs had already burst early, as in week 8 franchise QB Austin Joe had to be carried off the field with a broken hip and the Cards had to accept a close 17-14 defeat against the Jags..
Currently sitting at 10-2 and atop the AFC North, Baltimore controls their own destiny. Cleveland continues to put the pressure on and only trails Baltimore by 1 game. But, Baltimore's two losses have both come at the hands of the Browns...

We're here with the new Kansas City Head Coach Rodney Justice. As many of you know Justice was around since the league was created until he decided to step down a few months ago. Now he's back and ready to roll...

Week 9 vs Panthers: Coming off a close week in week 8 against the Colts, the Bills found themselves traveling back home to take on the 1 win Panthers. The Panthers defense came prepared as the game was close then entire time until the fourth quarter hit...

Pittsburgh, PA - Snoop "Double G" Dogg is one of the Pittsburgh Steelers biggest fans, you could say he is a Superfan as he attends every game and always has something to say about the state of the team...

At a record of 6-3, the 49ers are on the outside looking in as we make our chase for the playoffs. To start the season, we were plagued with injuries. LOLB Duke Riley, WR Issac Hoover, and HB Parker Castille have all been sidelined for substantial amounts of time...

The Cowboys found themselves sitting pretty at 7-0 heading into week 8, only to meet Coach Larson and his Lions and come out of Detroit with a loss. It was rumored that QB Dak Prescott was found after the game, in the corner of the Cowboys locker room curled up in a ball whispering "josh jones.... josh jones..."

After a 2-3 start to the year, it seemed that the Broncos were destined for another middle of the road season, and a missed opportunity to make the playoffs as the window begins to close on an aging defense...
Baltimore is having early success against division opponents. Posting a 4-1 record against the tough AFC North. Having such a heavy dose of division games early in the season has helped get Baltimore battled tested earlier than they have in the past...
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Welcome back everybody for another edition of the Lion's Den! It's now Week 9 and we are heading into our bye week sitting at 6-2. Let's take a look at our Season 14 schedule...
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