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Other than the back-to-back losses in 12 & 13 to teams Baltimore should have beaten, the Ravens had an outstanding regular season. The Cousins-Landry connection was almost unstoppable. The offense seemingly clicked all star long. The offensive line is starting to establish itself as one of the best in the league. Defensively, the unit played well, though the stats don't show it...

Thats it folks. The 2020 XCFL regular season is now in the books as the Cowboys finish 13-3 after being 2-3 in Week 5. The Cowboys faced a very challenging end to the season, with 3 playoff teams in weeks 15-17. See the schedule below...

Welcome to another edition of BOLT BEAT. We are covering weeks 13-17. Chargers played the Raiders, Chiefs, Bengals, Patriots, Raiders. Facing off against 2 division rivals. So lets get right to it!


Good morning fans! This episode will be taking a look at a likely undramatic offseason for first year coach Wheatley as he tries to mold the Dolphins into the Division champions they should be...

The Buffalo Bills find themselves at 6-7 on the year. With little to no chance at making the playoffs this season, they have decided that change yet again was a necessity. Desperately trying to find some stability on the sidelines and on the field, The Buffalo Bills have hired coach Chris Spaulding to fix the mess created by his predecessors....

New Orleans -- AP - Well, what more can anyone on the Saints say or from the stands. After a lousy performance by a professional team, ticket sales have dropped for the third straight season...

Good morning fans!! This is the first edition of the new and improved Phinsider News! Today we are looking at the team perspective since new coach Tyrone Wheatley Sr has taken over and the future outlook of the program...
Morning all its your XCFL Raiders insider J.T. "the Brick" back with another edition of B.T.S. Today were going to go over the Raiders recent woes. We start with the 5 gm win streak. Oakland opened the season beating the Broncos, Panthers, Bucs, Jets, and the Cheifs and even made it to the #1 Seed in the AFC... Then in true Raider fashion they hit a wall. From week 6-11 they only logged 1 win...
Photo by Nick Larson.
What’s up Jacksonville Fans? It’s your host Bobby Hill here for another episode of The Cage and we have a very special interview with the leagues best Running Back Mr. Leonard Fournette himself. Fournette took time out of his busy training schedule to come in and talk with us about how it feels to be having a historical season like he is and how he plans to break 2000 yards and hopefully the Nfl record...

The Cowboys currently find themselves on a 7 game winning streak and from the outside looking in it appears this team have their Superbowl winning swagger back as they are firing on all cylinders, playing dominant football on both sides of the ball...
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