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1. Atlanta Falcons
Lead by MVP Chance Saleh and standout star DeMarco Office can this offence be stopped?
And lets not forget about that #1 Defence. Nobody wants to see these guys in the playoffs.

1. Atlanta Falcons (7-1) - Falcons are flying high and just beat the number 1 team in the league. No Julio No Problem. Falcons are flying high and putting up numbers
without him...
Hello XCFL Thank You for your patience. Above is the final XCFL Power Rankings for season 10. Season 11! Power Rankings will be released every 4th to 5th CFM week. Prior to the season I'll try to release a Pre Season Rankings to start the season and go from there on week 4 or 5. I also plan to do a write up on eack ranking. With in the Power Rankings I will feature a new, but yet old league feature. The Power Picks! I will highlight 1 game per CFM week during the off weeks for the power rankings.
- Pre Season Rankings
- CFM Weeks 1-4 Power Picks
- Release Power Rankings CFM wk5
- CFM Weeks 6-9 Power Picks
- Release Power Rankings CFM wk10
- CFM Weeks 11-14 Power Picks
- Release Power Rankings CFM wk15
- CFM Weeks 16 & 17 Stats collected for Final Season Ending Power Rankings & Playoff Predictions & Picks.

Hope you enjoyed it and continue too enjoy it!!!

Big Daddy DizzL

Hello XCFL it's ya boy Big Daddy DizzL. I'm back XCFL. Please enjoy my newest project XCFL POWER RANKINGS. Also stay tuned for my Playoff Pick'em & Picks. Starting in Season 11(next season) I will be producing the XCFL Power Rankings ever 4 CFM weeks. i.e. week(s) 1(pre-season), 5, 9, 13, 17. Play Off Pick'em will be made prior to the start of the playoffs. Kind of like a pre-DICK-tion to the XCFL Playoffs. Last, but not least my Weekly Picks also coming to season 11 to the XCFL! I'm excited to be back fellas & look forward to providing XCFL with it's daily dose of DizzL!


CHAD is still number one. How? No one knows. Offense is number 1 in almost every category BUT the defense isn't that great. We will see if the Giants can keep this high powered offense going but the defense needs to step up if the Giants want to make a deep run into the playoffs...

Rank: 1 (+8) LAST WEEK PR #9


Zach Daddy moves up 9 spots to take the #1 spot. Hold on there young McMillen you got some followers coming your way.
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