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Welcome to the AFC west spanning from the plains of Kansas, to the mountains of Denver and the beautiful sunny beaches of San Diego to the hard inner city of Oakland. A division that boasts some of the leagues best constructed defensive units (not that you'd know from this XCFL seasons stats) and home of the current Lombardi trophy holding Broncos....
Welcome to the AFC North where collars are blue and work ethic is second to none, a division that has long been built on a solid running game and hard nosed defense. This division has won 4 of the last 15 Super Bowls and their fans demand success although it doesn't seem like anyone's told the Browns that. But with no further ado enough of this banter lets get down to business....
Afternoon gentlemen and welcome to this years draft preview, in this series I will highlight each division one at a time and discuss what their teams need in my expert opinion. It will hint at where I feel their team could benefit most during the draft to give themselves a shot at next years championship...

Just weeks ago any good prognosticator would've assumed the Bengals year was done however coach Horatio Cornblowers has been just the shot in the arm this team has needed. Spurring them to two straight victories keeping their very slim shot at the playoffs alive, the Bengals would need a win over the Ravens next week as well as losses by the Raiders, Patriots and Jags. While it is extremely doubtful Cincinnatans will be praying that their season doesn't end next week.

Following their 6th straight win the 9-6 Jacksonville Jaguars still find themselves on the outside looking in. They are in 7th place in the AFC and need a loss from the New England Patriots to move into 6th and the last wildcard spot. The Pats are playing the Jets, who are already eliminated from the playoffs, and Jacksonville hopes that the Jets aren't just looking for a higher draft pick and actually come to play. The Pittsburgh Steelers losing next week would also make things interesting in terms of the playoff race. Either way Jacksonville needs to win their week 17 game.

After an exhaustive, 322 day search, the Miami Dolphins have finally found a permanent head coach. Time and again we heard how no one wanted to try and fill the void left by "The Greatest Coach", Nick Saban. After being turned down by every single coach, administrator, trainer, fan, and the entire school of the Quadriplegic Mutes, finally one man stood tall to take on the insurmountable task of overseeing the aqua and teal at Saban Field. His name?

Even if the Kansas City Chiefs finish the season 4-3 with a win -- a possibility that appears to be a toss up after their first 6 performances -- they won't make the playoffs. Chiefs coach Sean Payton has said several times -- since taking the helm week 11 -- that nothing changes in the NFL from week to week. You try to win every game. The team's official elimination from the playoffs weeks ago, didn't change that....
After coming off a dominating win against the Detroit Lions the New Orleans Saints still have a chance to make the playoffs. With two weeks left in the season the Atlanta Falcons sits two games ahead of the saints for the NFC South division...
"It's about time some of our hard work paid off. We went out and played our hearts out. It feels good to get back to back wins. The Giants might be out of the playoff hunt, but that doesn't mean we can't make somebody else earn their ticket in." -Coach Jones...
This is the type of controversy Kansas City Chiefs coach Sean Payton is excited about. Who will be the Chiefs starting running back next season? When coach Payton joined the team he was disappointed by Charles performance and promoted Knile Davis. In the weeks that have followed Davis exploded against the Buffalo bills then tore his shoulder, Charles finished the games strong against the Bills and had a huge kickoff return against the San Diego Chargers, and Chris Polk had a huge game against the Chargers. This type of competition is exciting fans and bringing out the best each player has to offer.
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